We’re putting the spotlight on some of the best deals around the city. Which one will you try?


Casinetto focuses on high-quality Italian products and artisanal food sourced from local farmers and brands. Explore the deli & cheese room (truffles!) and their impressive range of fresh pastas. Next day delivery for orders before 3pm.

Classic Fine Foods

Classic Fine Foods provide outstanding quality products and delivering those hard-to-find ingredients, including fresh and frozen gourmet products and have those added extras that enable the creation of meals that are a grade above the rest. 

La Carne

La Carne supplies quality Wagyu, Angus and grass-fed beef and lamb for all occasions. Whether you’re eating solo or if you’re hosting a family BBQ, there are loads of cuts and options to choose from.  

Secrets Fine Food

Secrets Fine Food offers speciality products with an extensive range: everything from boulangerie favourites, all your baking and cupboard essentials, to every sort of meat you can think of!  Plus, there's a great range of organic and gluten-free options.

Theo's Point Grocery

Theo’s Point has a great reputation for supplying balanced, healthy meal plans but has expanded to include fresh grocery items and meal kits. The meal kits are particularly good: easy to make, delicious flavours and great portions.

Maison Duffour

Maison Duffour focuses on providing high-quality French products including farm cheeses and organic poultry ... they even have some escargots! The raclette and the fondue ready-to-make kits are a great at-home activity!  

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