Al Seef Mall.

When I was told about a group lunch at Zaytinya, Al Seef Village Mall, I contained my expectations for I thought of the standard lebanese fare.

And Oh boy ! I shouldn't have judged the book by its cover, Yes it is a lebanese restaurant but minus the typical hummus, tahini and rocket leaves.

Pre starters served were freshly baked arabic bread accompanied with za'ater in olive oil.

Soon after, the starters - Grilled Halloumi comes to the table and for me this was the best grilled halloumi I have had in Abu Dhabi in a very long time, smooth textured and well cooked.

I tried playing safe by ordering the Zaytinya Mixed Grill for my main course; their serving is good enough for 2 people hence I had the leftovers packed. My friends opted for the daily special menu :

Mansaf Lamb - A well marinated roasted lamb shank with a yoghurt sauce served on a bed of yellow rice and that was lot of meat !

Oriental lamb - This one actually pulled me towards it for the strong cinnamon aroma it was packed with. Roasted lamb shreds blended with oriental rice served along with a tangy sour sauce.

Upon the restaurant manager's insistence, we dared to try the desserts and my muhalabiah was quiet consistent in its texture and the sweetness just right. My friends appreciated the well cooked umm ali too.

The best part, you get a soup and any of the above mentioned main courses and desserts for just AED49 and you can also add a sheesha for an extra AED20... for me the pricing was as inviting as the food !!

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