Zaya Nurai Island

Gee Seale

🌴 Brunch on Nurai Island had been on my “Brunch Bucketlist” for a while. My persistent FOMO nagging finally wore my husband down and he took me.To get to Nurai Island, we took the (approx 10min) ferry from the Welcome Centre on Saadiyat. The ferry transport was included in the cost of the brunch.BEACH & POOL: 🏖 On arrival we went to the beach and pool at Ginger Mermaid, next to Frangipani restaurant (where the brunch is served, from 12:30-4pm). 💕 The beach was GORGEOUS and the pool was large with an infinity edge. There was music playing around the pool but not loudly. I didn’t find it a “party” scene or pretentious. 🏖 After brunch, we caught a buggy over to Smokin' Pineapple restaurant and went to that beach. There was a “Secret” party being held there so I didn’t get to go in the pool but the beach was awesome (there’s hammocks and swings in the water!). THE BRUNCH: I’d heard this was a “smaller brunch”. And now that I’ve been, this is my response to this comment: - It is smaller. My FitBit did not have to go off to signal I'd hit my 10k steps from just walking around all the displays like other way too big brunches. - I didn’t waste food like I usually do at bigger brunches because I ate everything on my plate. - If Frangipani brunch has kept its range small so they are able to focus on quality, I felt it. FOOD HIGHLIGHTS: 🥩 the BBQ meats made me do a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally because they were sensational! Not a dry piece there - lamb, beef, Sth African sausages, prawns, chicken - all excellent. 🥗 The salads (which I usually skip at brunches because they’re usually boring & lame) were creatively and beautifully presented (they looked like cakes, so I was drawn in like a moth to a flame) with wonderfully balanced flavours. My fave was the watermelon feta with raspberries and mint! 🍣 The sushi, sashimi, fresh seafood displays might as well been taken to our table because the seafood bandit in me came out (if you ever wondered where the sashimi was at your brunch...). The ‘sushi pizzas’ were delicious fun. I had the crab one 🤤 🧀 The cheese cabinet had an extensive range to choose from. I liked how they were pre-sliced for un-co people like me. I enjoyed the entire selection on offer. To go or not to? 💃 Just go. For a wow factor brunch (private island + access to 2 beaches & 2 pools 🤯) with excellent quality food - this is one to try, take visitors, or the one to go to if you want decent pool & beach access. From 550AED this is a bit more than the other brunches out there but you get what you pay for. Update: These are their packages (I found it on their website): AED550 Non-alcoholic, AED650 Alcoholic, AED850 Champagne packageMy top tip: go early to enjoy the facilities, and then stay back after brunch to enjoy them again! We did that and it was AMAZING. We took the 10:30am ferry over and the 7pm ferry back!


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