Xiao Wei Yang Hotpot

Phoneix Hotel and Apartment - Near Al Wahda Mall.

So last night we discovered a hidden gem/salary saver! My friends took us to a little place called - Xiao wei yang hotpot at phoneix hotel and apartment - Near Al Wada Mall. They took us to try one of their favorite dishes from home (Singapore), it’s called Hot Pot, or Steamboat. Upon arrival we were a little skeptical, as the place could do with a lick of paint, however we were assured the food would be worth it.

My Singaporean friend took charge and ordered for us all. One hot pot to share, with a variety of different fillings. The concept it, that you order the ingredients raw, then cook them yourself in a boiling pot of flavored broth!

The broth comes in spicy, tomato or traditional. We had a mixed bowl of traditional and spicy.

The options were endless, from shrimp, chicken, beef, 5 kinds of tofu, and various vegetables noodles and rice, so a great choice for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. (Vegies would need a separate pot took though, as it all gets mixed together).

The amount of food you receive is UNREAL, and that does not mean the taste or quality is faltered. For just 48AED per person you can order an unlimited amount of ingredients which is just amazing value for money!

We also ordered two al a carte options, the chicken wings, and grilled beef skewers, each one cost just 5AED per piece. The chicken wings are a must! They were freshly grilled and super tender.

It’s a super fun concept, as you all fight for your ingredients from the bowl, I would defiantly recommend for a large gathering as you all interact and eat together.


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