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Natalie Christodoulides Admin · 27 April at 19:46

Wake N Bake Delivery - 054 742 8402 UPDATE: my bad, minimum order of 5, not 10! I’m a sucker for a doughnut with a good filling so when I saw the pretty sugared covered doughnuts on Instagram, I was sold. Similar to the type of doughnut you’d expect to pick up in a market in London or New York, these handcrafted doughnuts come in a number of flavours from simple Nutella cream and jam to more refined flavours like date caramel (chefs favourite) and latte custard. We ended up with a selection of flavours including the signature vanilla custard, pistachio custard and the chocolate ganache. My mum and I had first dibs and we got the 2 jam doughnuts - my mum literally inhaled it and when I asked her what flavour jam she had, she just looked at me and said “I don’t even know, it was so good I didn’t even stop to think.” 😂🍩 The dough was light and airy and the filling pretty much went all the way through the doughnut, just the way I like it! Owned by a lovely Emirati lady, WakeNBake is committed to using high quality, real ingredients - dates from farm to kitchen, pure cane sugar, raw pistachios etc. They use no preservatives, no food colouring and try to use as much organic produce as possible 👏🏼 We also got a box of 6 cinnamon rolls. The dough was soft and fluffy but more dry than the Cinnabon syrupy-style rolls which I prefer as its less sickly sweet and more of a bread roll. The vanilla cream cheese glaze was yummy and went perfectly with the cinnamon brown sugar. The only negative (if you can call it that 😉 ) is that they are currently only delivering the doughnuts in boxes of 10 which does make this a somewhat expensive and indulgent treat but definitely one to look forward to! I am now getting orders from my brother and dad, demanding that I bring more doughnuts and that my mum is an evil dictator for trying to stop us from ordering because she’s putting on weight (see my WhatsApp’s!)😂👏🏼 #bbapproved #featuredreview


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