Villa Toscana Saturday Tuscan Brunch

St. Regis (next to Nation Towers).

Food 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 Service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (yes, 6!)

Family visit (long overdue) to Villa Toscana for Saturday brunch. We were lucky and bagged the private dining room! As always here the service sets it apart. Delighted to see the AD legend that is mixologist Ivan in attendance, who immediately made a huge fuss of the little ladies and brought them fresh juices whilst the grown ups enjoyed watermelon martinis 'with a little bit of this and that' aka Ivan's secret ingredients 😅 Ivan later went off-piste with a peach and olive martinis which you HAVE to try!

We'd just sat down and Giuseppe the restaurant manager asked how we liked the private dining room. "Stunning!" We said, as we attempted to sweep crushed-up breadsticks out of sight 😜

The brunch starts with buffet style appetisers. Fat juicy prawns, salads, fresh breads, beautiful baked salmon, and lamb carvery, as well as a small Italian cheese selection (which we left til last).

Then they bring pizza, fresh pasta x 2. The pumpkin gnocchi were a thing of beauty. Friends enjoyed the linguine with lobster. Then two mains which change weekly - halibut and beef. Halibut slight weak spot - don't think chef could have tasted this before sending out - but Giuseppe swept in, sorted it out brilliantly as all good managers should - and brought an even better sea bass to replace it. We loved the whole sharing concept - felt very gregarious.

Lastly we moved onto buffet dessert, which was mostly a fairly large selection of pies. Me: "Do you really eat this much pie in Italy?" Pastry Chef: "Yes, we do" 🤣 I am also a bit of a tiramisu snob and usually only like it if it has booze in it. This one didn't...and I honestly couldn't tell!

The friendly staff kept adults drinks topped up and were fabulous with the kids - brought fresh made pasta with pesto, and gelati for the dessert - all extremely happy and full. We followed with cheese and coffee. Amazing huge blue cheese (Stilton?)

A very relaxed, deliciously different, and superbly served brunch. Currently on the Entertainer for soft drinks package. If you get a chance to get in before Ramadan I can recommend, or get it on your list for next season! Fabulous!

And I can't end without a shout out to the wonderful pianist in the lobby, who was slightly bemused when my 7 year old asked her to play SOS by ABBA but nonetheless Rose to the challenge 🤣 This is the St Regis hallmark - going above and beyond. Well done guys fabulous job!

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