Via Delhi

Rachael Partington Admin · 30 April at 18:09

VIA DELHI Salam St Ah, such food! And if I’m honest, I didn’t really order enough. That’s not to say I wasn’t rolling full, but after trying this small selection from the Via Delhi menu, I realized I hadn’t even scratched the surface. What did we love most? The creamy, glorious dal makhni and the fiery, soft tandoori chicken momos - some of my faves ever! Beautiful! The butter chicken was great, sopped up with roomali roti and the paneer hariyali tikka has a massive kick that only added to the strong, vibrant flavours. And the paneer butter masala - creamy and rich and tomato-y ... might this have been my favourite? We finished off with gulab jamun - is it wrong that I wanted to eat many, many of these with ice-cream? - and my new drink crush, the mighty mango lassi. This creaminess was perfection in a glass! Prices are extremely reasonable and they’ve striven to keep quality high. The food was so good, I’m heading back when the food returns to normal and I can visit the restaurant and really be transported to Delhi! I want to try one of the many souls on offer - their soup game is strong! - and many more of the meat and veg dishes on offer. Ooooh and the naan! Bring it on Via Delhi! #featuredreview #invitedtogorgeonindianfood

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