Todd English’s Olives Saturday Brunch

Venetian Village, The Ritz. Al Maqta.

Not wanting to miss our last chance to squeeze in a brunch for a while, we decided to try Olives today. We’ve been once before, and liked the table service format. The brunch includes 4 starters (3 are shared across the table), your choice of 1 of 3 mains, and an individual plate of taster-size desserts. An alcohol package is available for an additional 100AED. Overall, the food was good. Highlights for me were the tomato bisque starter - creamy comfort food - the beef carpaccio starter, paired with a risotto cake, and my pasta main in truffle sauce. Missing the mark slightly were the prawn flatbread, rather oddly paired with coleslaw and BBQ sauce, which overwhelmed the delicate flavour of the prawns, and the desserts.

Although they looked very pretty, the red velvet cake was dry, the cheesecake tasted like a lump of Stilton (and this is coming from a cheese lover!) and the tiramisu needed an alcoholic kick - just tasted like coffee mousse. I suppose that what disappointed me most is that someone else reviewed this same brunch on here a couple of months ago (apologies I didn’t note your name!) and made exactly the same comments about the dessert, and it clearly hadn’t been taken on board.

The drinks were very good. The house grape was good quality mid-range, and the fruit daiquiris were excellent. However the restaurant needs to make sure all staff are clear on the last orders time; we were initially asked for our last order at 2.50pm, for a brunch which finished at 3.30pm (and only half a dozen tables occupied). We did query it as this seemed very early, and it was later extended. Other then this, the service was excellent, and it was a nice touch to be asked if we’d like a coffee.

Olives is open during Ramadan from 12.30pm every day, no alcohol until sunset. Not sure about brunch status - best to call to check

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