Todd English’s Olives Lazy Friday Brunch

Venetian Village, The Ritz. Al Maqta.


A few weeks left before heading to Spain for our Christmas vacation... Time to think about what restaurants we are gonna try there, our musts, what kind of impressive foodie surprises are awaiting for us, unforgettable wines, seasonal fruits and veggies...

"Wake up!!! I'm starving after my never-ending on-call day", my wife suggested sweetly 😉 Not a sec to waste. Let's experience Saturday Lazy brunch at OLIVES. I forgot about all my concerns (family-friendly, overpriced, still to hot to be outside as we all 4 were carrying "not a severe" coughing) and I called to ask for a table. The flawless disposition to answer every single question I asked for made me feel so comfy. Good vibes.

We got there at 1pm. Difficult to think about a nicer place in AD. Terrace is amazing. It has spectacular views, lots of shade, serenity and the relaxing sounds of waves... Service just perfect, not too intrusive.

The little monkeys got some painting stuff and pirates stickers. Happiness. After a very warm welcome, we asked for spaghettis with meat-balls for the little ones. OMG, that very well spiced meat sent me back to my grandma's kitchen. I was about to cry. While twins eating, we had a nice basket of bread with some black and green tapenade. Everything goes smoothly.

Brunch consists of 3 starters for sharing, a main to choose and a very nice assorted-dessert-platter. Starters: very well balanced and full of life grilled chicken salad. Out of this word Portobello pizza (or flat bread) still remembering the perfect combination of all the ingredients. Mains: what to say? Just to die for see-bass and beef tenderloin. Both cook to perfection. Nice presentation. Attention to detail. High quality ingredients are the single most important factor in making a product premium. What about the 3th starter? Maybe I forgot because I'm not a big fun of beef carpaccio... but this one... I WANT THE WORLD TO STOP!!! Don't care about holidays, about my country or Christmas. Todd English's Olives, its beef carpaccio, this amazing spot and my family... All I need 😉

Kids had tons of fun making their own pizzas from scratch. They charge 100dhs for 2 little pieces. Maybe a little bit overpriced, but really delicious.

5***** Cost*: AED 190 with soft drinks and AED 290 for the vino package. Accept Entertainer voucher 😉 Olives truly deserves all the very best. Cant way to get back to try pizza and pasta. Congratulations.

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