Todd English’s Olives

Venetian Village, The Ritz. Al Maqta.

OLIVES... A SIDEREAL MONTH. 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes. This is the time period The Moon needs to complete one revolution around the earth.

Venetian Village has taken a little bit longer than a Sideral Month to become one of the Abu Dhabi's coolest spots, not only because it is the UAE capital’s newest waterfront leisure destination inspired by the Renaissance and urban planning of Venice, in addition, this village features a truly diverse mix of dining outlets ranging from Mediterranean, Indian, Emirati and Japanese. No doubt, this is the place for real culinary adventures in AD.

LET’S FLY. Get a multi-destination ticket option. Olives offers a fusion journey through finest Italian and rustic Mediterranean flavoursome dishes with his unique American twist under the supervision of Mexican executive chef Jaime.

It is our third Todd’s Lazy Weekend Brunch experience. First one indoors due to unpleasant windy morning. Two different dining rooms, the green one, close to the bar area and the orange room, overlooking the kitchen. This one has a couple of tables all ready set for kids to make their own pizzas. Maybe, one of the best pizzas in town!!! Both, green and orange are very cosy offering very comfy seating. Both are also family friendly with activities like pizza making and face painting available to keep the younger members of the family entertained. It is all about relaxed vibe, fabulous food with unlimited beverages and the attentive service to turn a lazy brunch into a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

FOOD. Our meal began with artisan breads and a selection of tapenade followed by a creamy (too creamy for my taste) mushroom soup. Next was the starter selection (x3) of 1.- Wild mushroom flatbread with herbed goats cheese, all the ingredients matching to perfection, all melted in our mouths like butter; 2.- Prawn salad elevated to another level... I am an avid salad lover 🙂 3.- Please World, stop... the renowned Olives beef carpaccio, beautifully presented on a gorgonzola rosti cake with mesclun greens, balsamic reduction, scallion cream, pearl onions and topped with parmesan. Big portion. Out of this planet. Irresistible. Next, mains. You can go for meat, fish or pasta. We tried mouthwatering BBQ chicken and super fresh fish. Nice portion, again. Beautifully presented and full of flavours. The final course was individual plated desserts, a delightful selection of miniature Olives tasting treats. Maybe a little bit smaller plater than previous experiences.., but enough for us.

We went for house beverage package, red and white wine, prosecco or beer. Very decent prosseco and nice red. Never had an empty glass.

Price: 200. We used entertainer voucher. Paid 80 for 2 pizzas for the little monkeys. Most probably the best value for money in town. My wife's favourite brunch.

It won't take another Sidereal Month to get back to this amazing place called TOOD ENGLISH'S OLIVES.

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