The Third Place

Corniche Road.

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I'm not at work, the inlaws have sent me out of the house, insisting they will look after the kids while I'm allowed some "me-time" : what to do, what to do?!!! Grabbed my book that I've been reading for what seems like the four years since I had my second child and went for a pedicure! Bliss! Feeling peckish, I toy with the idea of meeting my husband for lunch but decide I need to read another couple of chapters so head to the Third Placecafé on the corniche. The fog has cleared and its lovely to sit outside on the terrace. I order an apple soda and a goats cheese salad and settle down to my book, trying to remember who the characters are and guess who the killer is (I'm never right! ). The soda is not overly sweet and very refreshing. The salad is a perfect balance of different taste sensations: goat cheese, baby spinach, toasted nuts, roasted pumpkin, slices of orange - a delight in a bowl! I then look at my watch, think to myself that my two boys are probably enjoying the normally-forbidden iPad time and consumption of Christmas chocolate so order myself an espresso and a fruit salad. Due to health reasons, I have a very restricted caffeine intake so there's pressure on this teeny tiny cup to not disappoint!!! Fortunately it is lush ☕️ As for the fruit salad, wow! A mix of so many fruits! As I start thinking 💭 I must bring my boys here, I realise that it's time to get back to them and rescue the inlaws but maybe one more chapter ....

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