The Munch Brunch

Park Hyatt, Saadiyat Island.

23 minutes... 23 minutes after 3 years living in AD... It took me almost 3 years to discover this part of the island. Still cannot believe it. Last December was our first Friday Brunch experience at Park Hyatt taking advantage of the offer they had at that moment. Went back attending a very special occasion with "Events With the Kids AD". Nearly 40 families brunching together. It was unforgettable.

At that time, we liked trying new restaurants, different kinds of food. We really enjoyed discovering new spots... always taking advantage of entertainer vouchers. Now, now we've got a problem. We cannot help thinking about this brunch. Why?

1- First of all,If you’ve got kids, this is definitely the brunch for you. It's so child-friendly. There’s a whole station for kids foods, filled with things like breadcrumbed shrimp, pasta, french fries, chicken nuggets and other foods that your kids will definitely not say ‘no’ to. Not only they can play in the pool or in the kids green area (next to the tables) while you are having adult brunch time, but they also have access to Camp Hyatt, the children’s play area which is fully supervised by adults.

2- The new BB launched offer. 299 net house bev pack and access to the beach and pool included. Couldn't miss it out.

Reservation confirmed via face. The day arrived. Again there, facing that amazing screensaver pic. Nothing can beat that warm welcome this place has to offer. Green all around, spectacular pools, the sea. The beauty of this place is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.

Time to brunch. We asked for our table. Ups, not table ready for us. Were told that our names were not on the list. Fortunately, they had the last two little tables that they set for us in our fav spot. Sorted out. But second disappointment was on its way. Most of the stuff didn't know about BBAD. Obviously, they didn't know about BBAD offer. I had to show a picture of it to the manager (?) All sorted out.

Back to paradise... Kids enjoyed their food and went to play. Adults having our moment of indulgence. Nice glass of Chardonay, some yogic breathing and a big blend of our "musts": sushi, delicious salmon rolls, to die for seafood (specially King crab) chicken foie grass mitcuit. This is my confort food rather big mains. I could've spent the whole day eating that. But I was looking for the complete experience. So, I headed to my wow station: cheese and bread. Quality. It is all about quality. My wife and I have been baking our own bread for about 20 years. Finally, we tried a nicer one than ours. We truly got amazed by it. What an indescribable moment. There is also an Indian station, Thai food station and some food to order like prawns, steak or fab scallops. What does happiness taste like? Must be something similar to this: living, loving, eating, drinking, my wife's perfect bday celebration. All senses coming to life. The sea, the background music, my little monkeys, my love...

missing anything? oooommmmmmm, dessert!!! I'm gonna tell you all a secret: no need to go to the dessert station. Grab some of the amazing red berry bread, add some jam and go for the unique baked Ricotta cheese. You won't regret, I promise. HAPPINESS to the full. Want more? Go to the Beach House for the last glass of wine. Let your kids play in the sand. Lovers holding hangs. HAPPINESS to the moon :)

23 minutes... Nearly 3 years to realise it takes me 23 minutes to get to paradise.

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