The Foundry

Gee Seale is at Foundry, Southern Sun.

The Foundry Southern Sun Hotel Thursday Steak Feast 265 AED soft drinks package per person, (Entertainer could be used)

Our second visit in a short space of time but this time, with family as it was part of celebrating my mother in law’s birthday & trying this set menu (we tried ala carte last time).

We are given a menu featuring Starters, Mains and a Dessert. We were told we could order an unlimited amount of whatever we wanted. We ate through the menu but skipped the soup of the day (which was potato and leek). Also, each order was served individually and not “family style” in the middle. Everything is service at the table (ie this is not a buffet).

Photo attached of food is everything in order on the menu (also attached).

🍴Shucked oysters - very nice, came with many different accomplishments

🍴Beetroot salad - one of my favourites of the night

🍴Salmon cake - very nice, it was a little different to other ones I’ve had, more like a quiche consistency inside

🍴Wagyu beef carpaccio - everyone said it was good. I only tried a tiny bit.

🍴Steaks: we wanted to try all the different types so we were served 4 slices of each and they were presented in order of the men - Sth Africa, Argentina, Australia, NZ

🍴Hamour and mussels - I didn’t taste this but family did it was a consistency of what would be in a fish pie

🍴Mushroom & truffle risotto - 10/10. It was made the consistency I think is perfect and has a beautiful balance of cheese and truffle. (I loved this and if I hadn’t had a second serving of Australian steak ☺️ or eaten nearly everything else 😬 I would have had a second helping of this.)

🍴Dessert platter - a slice that tasted like apple crumble pie, a chocolate some that tasted like Jaffa cake, a little cheesecake and a scoop of ice cream. Delicious.

🥛 Drinks - we tried various juices and mocktails and they were all great. I think my favourite mocktails was one that tasted like sparkling apple juice (I am a fan of appletiser).

Service - similar to our first experience, service was incredible. Easy 10/10. I made our reservation via a simple email which was confirmed. I did ask if we could be seated in a certain area which they were able to accommodate on the night. Michelle was our server and ‘Jayathan’ (I cannot remember spelling, so sorry 😞 ), the restaurant manager were both brilliant. They were both attentive but not intrusive. The amazing service did add to our wonderful experience.

Would I return: yes. I have yet to try the Friday brunch!

Would I recommend: yes. The steaks, risotto ❤️, desserts and service make it a lovely place to dine. It seems the 50% off early dining deal on the ala carte menu (available on certain days) is not on right now (probably due to Ramadan) but if it comes out again, it’s a great way to try the menu.

Edit: The Foundry are currently offering 35% discount off of food between 9pm-11pm during the month of Ramadan.

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