The Foundry

Southern Sun Hotel.

Where: Friday brunch at THE FOUNDRY, in Southern Sun Hotel – near Al Mina Street.

When: last Friday.

Why: We won a BB's prize from a place we fancied more than a lot.

The restaurant: The Foundry is an upscale dinner steakhouse with a truly sophisticated décor - metallic sofas at the entrance floating in water and impressive high alcoves and fences to add privacy. Copper tones, lighting and decor bring an intimate atmosphere to enjoy soulmate company... or food... or both 😀. Then, your eyes 👀, your attention, all your senses go towards the magnificence over-sized pending lights honouring a multicolour starter and dessert buffet. Let the party begin.

Expectations: having everyone talking very well about this place, our main concerns were: 1, kids not bothering other guests and 2, as we are not big meat-lovers, having other options than the very well-known high quality meat cuts.

Atmosphere: very relaxing and so pleasant. Couples, groups of friends and families as well, what a relief 😉

Service: excellent. Where on earth can we have this kind of service, always treated as royalty? Where?

Food: Let's start for the kids. They both had the most amazing handmade spinach and feta tortellini ever. They also enjoyed trying some seafood for the very first time, cheese station and muffin decoration. Adults: There are "only" 4/5 different well treated food stations. Salads and seafood: very well presented, fresh, so fresh, colourful, enjoyable and fresh, very fresh. Did I say FRESH??? Tacos, nachos and ceviches: to add a lovely Latino touch to the brunch. AMAZING foie bites: I mean... terrific!!! OMG, just to die for. Cheese: one of my fav stations. Only 6, yes, only 6 types of cheese. There is not need for more if those 6 bring you to heaven. Treated as jewels as they deserve. Please, take your time here and enjoy every single one, there is no rush, life is beautiful. Mains: this brunch is well known for its fantastic meat cuts and we confirm their reputation is more than well-deserved. Mouth-watering tenderloin from South-Africa was our winner.

And last but not least, the STRATOSPHERIC Poke Bar: Please, stop the world, this is something else. Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course, and The Foundry is offering a very unique one. Again, top notch ingredients, fresh. Remember, playing with food, only quality matters. Desserts: the 4/5 desserts they offer are actually prepared in front of the guests. Creme brulè and chocolate deconstruction were absolutely delight.

Price: I didn't pay as we won a BB's prize. You can use entertainer which is a plus. This brunch is a must 🙂 Hands down, one of our nicest food experiences in AD.

Any room for improvement? A Jazz band... it would be the perfect dream.

At this point, after reading my own review, I'm feeling I'm the luckiest guy on earth. How to express thanks in writing when the only thing I want to do is to shout from the roof tops' that I'm in love with my family, in love with this amazing city and in love with BBAD 😉

Now seriously, Thanks a lot The Foundry, thanks a lot BBAD

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