The Beach House - Park Hyatt

Saadiyat Island.

This is my first review here and it's well overdue, after benefiting from your great advice and comments for some time now. Tonight my wife and I had an impromptu romantic dinner at Beach House (Park Hyatt, Saadiyat). We took a seat on a very comfortable two seater right in front of the beach. The atmosphere was truly amazing, with many soft lights, a gentle background music, and a light sea breeze, underneath a majestic starry sky. We were attended to swiftly and professionally through the evening (the staff brought an extra table to help accommodate the drinks, because our table was tiny). After ordering, we soon were brought a pleasantly soft focaccia served with a tomato dip, which was deliciously sweet and with just a hint of garlic. I ordered a grilled tuna steak, cooked medium (after the waiter persuaded me against ordering medium-rare, because it's never quite medium enough or rare enough). The tuna was fresh and had a good bite to it. It was grilled quite lightly (minimal sear marks), but was still very tasty. The tuna steak was accompanied by perfectly cooked, crunchy grilled broccoli (this matters only because I happen to love broccoli) and served over a light citrusy dressing that brought the dish together. It turned out to be quite filling for such a delicate dish. There was also a treacherous red pepper, with a sweet and pleasantly pungent tip, which slowly turned into a scorching fiery trap toward the stem. Eat at your peril! My wife ordered the seared tuna nicoise salad. Her tuna was less cooked than mine and felt very fresh and cool in the middle. The greens were also fresh and perfectly prepared (crunchy green beans and lettuce, soft boiled potatoes, sweet cherry tomatoes, tangy olives and capers). A light, salty (anchovies?) dressing brought the dish to life. Ah, and the plate came topped by a poached egg, that opened to generously spill its creamy yolk over the salad. We had a bottle of sparkling water and, since I was driving, a alcohol free beer, which is not a drink I am particularly eager to try ever again! This carefully prepared good food, in such a lovely place (the whole garden/pool/beach area is spectacular) does not come especially cheap, but it's a worthwhile experience. I don't recall reading other reviews of Beach House. So let me add that it has a relatively short menu, with a good selection of Mediterranean recipes (one page of tapas, which can also be ordered as regular portions, and one page of salads and mains). The drinks menu was more substantial, but I only glanced at it quickly. So, I guess I need to go back, by taxi next time.

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