Thai Udupi

World Trade Center Souk Side.


They had me at chicken feet. Almost!

I heard about Arab Udupi but never Thai Udupi so I was quite intrigued by the name. This is the same place for those of you who frequent this restaurant. I was so excited when I saw on the internet that they had chicken feet. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was when I was told NO chicken feet today!

However, that didn't deter me from ordering a couple of dishes. I know this is not exactly a soup kind of weather yet but their tom yum soup is so good! So is the beef noodle soup ๐Ÿ˜‹. The chef, Chef Tor, is from Thailand himself, from Bangkok to be exact. Apparently, they just launched the Thai dishes to Arab Udupi just a couple of months ago.

The ambience is very simple, quiet and wasn't big either. I will say it can fit easily 20 people. Delicious food and easy on the pockets too. I will definitely be back.

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