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Food:🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂 Service: 🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎 Ambience:🎭🎭🎭🎭 Value for money:💲💲💲💲💲

So I popped the no...not that one...the wife would kill me if I even thought about it...on BB I enquired which one was better...Chamas, Fogo or Texas.

So the majority of y'all steered me (pun intended) to Texas De Brazil...and so it was.

My daughter's Birthday was today so we did a pre-celebration yesterday, which also meant that she was legally still under 13...cha ching...half price for 12's and under.

So where shall we start...salads...the salad bar was nicely decorated and stocked. Me, I headed for the salmon and shrimp, which were nice but skipped the green and healthy looking stuff...cos admit it guys...we don't all go there to keep our waist lines in check...we go to stuff our faces with artery clogging meats 🤠.

Onwards to the second healthy choice of soup...the soup de jour was Lobster Bisque, a yellow creamy slightly salty very seafoody (Is that even a word) tasting concoction. I considered having seconds however that would have meant compromising on the meats...and no one gets between me and my meat.

Ok I did have some mushrooms....these were cooked in a thick rich gravy like sauce...very nice.. .even had a bit of Brazilian rice with them.

I let my daughter pick her drinks, however the two drinks she wanted were both unavailable...the strawberry Mojito and the Passion fruit Mojito. That was a little bit of a disappointment as she really enjoys her strawberry Mojito (cross reference to Parivar review). We ended up ordering soft drinks coke for me and the Trouble & Strife, as I have heard that diet coke allows you to eat more 😉. Oh on the topic of soft drinks we did notice that the bottles were tiny...good thing I had my glasses on. So a recommendation to the team might be to let your customers have a bigger portion to drink...cos meat, and especially the salty cuts, begs for copious amounts of fluids.

Then it was game on time. I put on my poker face… flipped my chip from red to green and waited to get dealt my hand.♠ Btw, is it just me or does anyone else get tunnel vision and hear music 🎶 when huge slabs of meat slither in your direction?

Now please correct me if I mess up with the names of the meat cuts...but with so much eye candy my mind went numb.

First up was Filet Mignon with and without beef bacon. OMG. Drool drool… the tenderest of meats and perfectly cooked. We had to keep flagging down the servers to get more.😀

Braised Beef Ribs...Whats not to like.. Its falls off the bone ribs man!! We had firsts, then seconds, and then I went into uncharted territory 👾 ...I went for thirds. But the last time I went for the outer crispy and fatty meat..oh lordy...soft gooey fat with a crispy salty outer shell....It’s like bone marrow ice cream, both sweet and salty at the same time. Nom nom.

The Picanha followed and was delightfully fragrant, a little more robust of a cut. My daughter went for the more bloody cut while I opted for the outside more well done cut.

Simultaneously we were served the Flank Steak.. .soft more granular meat...this time we all went with the medium cooked. It was as juicy as expected. sip...flip green...roll the ⚂

Now I don't classify chicken as meat but I was really surprised with the Chicken in Turkey Bacon. It was so soft, juicy and tender...perfectly cooked..great taste. Didn't have time to get to the Parmesan Drumettes...maybe next time.

My kids really enjoyed the lamb chops...I like the distinct taste you get with lamb...not overpowering but definitely a little more gamey. Plus these chops had meat...not just a token mouthful.

Likewise the slow cooked Leg of Lamb was terrific...great outer caramelization on the meat with softer meat inside.

The beef sausage was the least favourite and maybe a little tougher in comparison to the other meats.

🦐 And then the grilled prawns came...prawns can easily be overcooked...just takes seconds...but no...these were scrumptious, fluffy even, the soft melt in your mouth kind .

The trick is to flag down the server when the skewer is full..that way you know it just came off the flame. In fact that pretty much was the tactic for most of the cuts...

Dessert...nopes..couldn't do sireee bob!! The stomachs had all been stretched way beyond their capacity...getting out of the booth became a challenge...

The service was great...i guess also cos we were there around 1.20pm and it wasn't peak time yet. It is also truly value for money. Compared to other such establishments the price was reasonable. The taste of the food was great...especially the slightly salty ones.

Ambience is a harder thing to compare. Chamas has it's own more romantic darker interior. Whereas this was more airy and brighter. I guess the perfect blend would be something in between 😎

On the way out the missus said we will try the desserts next time...guess that means a big thumbs up for this place.

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