Tawa Bakery

Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach.

This place is simply wonderful and for those with food allergies, everything is gluten free! I had to be gluten free many years ago for a few years (thankfully not anymore) and I have to say, gluten free food has come a long way, or, this place does a great job!

Husband ordered the salt and pepper calamari and was he pleasantly surprised. Being a Kiwi, he's very picking about his calamari and there is only once place back home (according to him) that does it the best. This was pretty up there. The coating was crispy and the squid not chewy. They are heavy on the salt and pepper so if you don't like any of these two seasonings, this isn't for you.

Husband and I both suffer from food envy. It's a serious condition! So, we both ordered the wagyu beef burger to make things easier. The beef was cooked perfectly, the sauce amazing. A very tasty burger. The truffle fries were to die for and I'm not a bit chips person! The bread bun being gluten free was very different but very eatable. Only thing was in didn't hold its shape as well but I can get past that. Defiantly didn't taste like cardboard which is what some gluten free breads taste like!

For dessert, daughter had the chocolate doughnut and adults shared the carrot cake and the Tawa chocolate slice. Should have made it the Tawa chocolate cake! I could eat so much of that! So rich and decedent. Carrot cake was ok. Definitely tastes gluten free but still nice. I wouldn't have it again though, I'd be the chocolate slice all the way!

Plus with the entertainer it's a good deal. They also do all day breakfast but don't come for actual 'breakfast'. They only open at 12 noon. We will be back!

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