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A Culinary Journey ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Though I've only been three times, it's no secret that Tamba is my favourite restaurant in Abu Dhabi. I made sure that this was one of our stops when my best friend was visiting. We happened to book for Thursday and it turned out to be ladies night so 3 free glasses of bubbly for the ladies at the bar 💃🏼

We opted for the Culinary journey which consists of 12 sharing dishes. The waiter warned us, "It's a lot of food." Me and Liz Ramirez: "We're a lot of girl." And so it began...

Indian with a twist... lots of twists. I'm not going to go into every dish because I don't feel like I'll do any of them justice. Each dish was beautifully presented with bursts of colour all around. The flavours in each dish are all perfectly matched, even if it's not what you'd usually expect to go together. There was scallops, crispy beef salad, mini rotis with perfectly soft and flavourful pumpkin, pan fried sea bass, Tamba's version of butter chicken which has delicious tomato and creamy flavours. And there was still more. Just look at the pictures!

As we got further into our journey, the dresses we were wearing seemed to be shrinking... Just as the waiter had warned, there was a LOT of food and probably not enough girl 😅

It's always an experience at Tamba and they really do go that extra mile to make it special. They explain each dish to you which is helpful since it's not your regular curry house. The service was excellent from start to finish. Our waiter was excellent (I've had him before but his name escapes me!) and it's always nice when management comes round to check on your experiences.

If you haven't been it's a must try. Yes, it's expensive. But, if you're looking for something with a bit of flair and excitement, Tamba is not to be missed.

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