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Ok so we chose Tamba for our anniversary lunch. Bit quiet, just a few tables occupied, but then it was Friday lunch during Ramadan.

Service was impeccable: from the hostess who gave us a grand tour of the whole place, to our very hospitable and knowledgeable waiter, Anirban. Mocktails only for now before dark, so we had the Jagger Jam Pot (guava purée based) and a 126BC (peach) - both beautifully presented and delicious!

Top marks also for having local water (not on the menu but available if you ask for it).

Anirban guided us through the menu, and told us the menu is designed for sharing and the food comes out not all at once but one by one as they are prepared. The menu is small, first page is 'starter sized' the second more substantial.

We eventually chose a King Crab Puri- like a pani Puri if you have eaten chaat, but stuffed with crab meat and topped with a mint chutney foam. Very nice, but a surprise if you have had pani puris before just because it's so different from one has had before. 2 each, and was easier to appreciate the second one for that reason.

After that came the Spicy Tuna Chur Muri, again a play on something I grew up on eating as a kid in India- Jhal muri( puffed rice with chillies basically) but jazzed up with raw tuna, avocado and guacamole - yum!

To finish off the lite bites it was a pumpkin sabzi on a spinach paratha with tomato salsa. Just like my mother makes. But more fancy 😄

For mains we were told that 2 would be enough, so we eventually settled on the Beef short rib, Laal Maas and Smoked chicken, tomato gravy with pepper burrata (and some Naans).

The rib came looking perfect, topped with crunch corn kernels (bit too crunchy for both of us)- but it was the only relative downer today - it was very well cooked, but just didn't have enough of the sauce to do it justice.

The chicken, was their version of a butter chicken and according to my wife, the best one she has ever had! The burrata was filled with a mint chutney that burst open when you bit into it, and the Kashmiri naans, though small, were a perfect accompaniment. Saffron-y and topped with chopped apples for a slightly sweet touch to them. Had to order a second one.

Even though we were full, we soldiered on and ordered desserts- The Break Up and Mumtaz. Break is a chocolate lovers delight- chocolate mousse encased in a chocolate shell on top of a caramelised peanut semifreddo with more chocolate sauce. The Mumtaz was a rolled halwa cylinder stuffed with frozen strawberry yoghurt and a pistachio sauce. To top it off, complimentary scoops of the chocolate and macadamia and jaggery icecream!!! Both deserts were great but next time we might order one to share as they were huge (only if you let me chose says Meg)

Very reasonable for what we had - just over 600 dirhams (before our work discount 😁). And a 2 and a half hour lunch experience. The way they bring the food out is almost like having a tasting menu which was perfect to enjoy each dish.

We will be back for sure!

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