The Hub WTC Mall.

Drinks: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have been waiting to try Tamba for so long after hearing so many good reviews and finally managed to go last night, it did not disappoint.

First we ordered drinks. We ordered the Kismat, which our waitress told us is her favourite. We loved it! If you like an old fashioned you need to try this. Unfortunately we only tried one cocktail but they all looked good!

For food we ordered the calamari, grilled eggplant rolls, lamb kebab, speciality breads, and the smoked chicken with tomato gravy and burrata. The restaurant follows a sharing concept so they bring one thing at a time and you share it with whoever is on your table, which is fun and let’s you try a bit of everything. We definitely didn’t wait long for anything, they were organised and waited until we were done with each meal before swiftly bringing the next. Staff are also very helpful in explaining and recommending dishes. We actually couldn’t pick favourites because we loved everything, but I would recommend the grilled eggplant rolls and lamb kebab (the lamb is quite spicy) just because they were the most unique and pretty, which is always nice!

Music was slightly loud to talk over, not enough to ruin our conversation or our evening, but just something to point out if you like a more quiet place.

It isn’t a cheap place but you do get what you pay for, with unique and delicious food and good service. Overall 5/5 and will be back!

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