Takeaway Turkey, Marriott Downtown

Rebecca Rouen

Turkey Takeaway Marriott Downtown 🦃🍁🦃🍁🦃 The tradition continues at Casa Rebecca with the annual turkey takeaway dinner. Marriott Downtown did not disappoint as the table consensus was this was the best one yet! I haven’t had a turkey so moist and delicious in…..i don’t know how long! The order comes with the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and your choice of 3 sides. The 5-6kg turkey is 495 and they offer a larger turkey for AED 695. We aired on the side of gluttony and tried all of the side dishes alongside the 5-6kg turkey, because why not! The turkey is brined which made the breast meat juicy and tender. For the sides, you can choose from whipped cheddar mash, roasted potatoes, buttered brussels, glazed carrot and pumpkin, cauliflower cheese, carrot and white turnip mash and mixed butter vegetables. I would recommend ordering a few extra side dishes on top of the standard 3 that come in an order as they were all so yummy and make for great leftovers. Top faves for sides: whipped cheddar mash (soooo smooth), glazed carrots and pumpkin (a nice sweetness), and the cauliflower cheese (creamy!). The gravy bowl was licked clean, a sign of good gravy! Overall this was the best turkey takeaway I’ve had to date and would highly recommend it if you are looking to entertain this holiday season. You need to order at least 48 hours in advance, but I would order now before they sell out! Turkey takeaway perk: The box! The box the meal came in was such high quality, very sturdy and fancy with the Marriott logo on the sides. It kept everything warm and securely in place while I was driving!

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