Mar Morón Martín

We were wondering what to do today and ended up checking if Flavors was open... don’t ask us why! They would not answer their phone and the internet info was mixed so there we drove to find a very nice surprise. How to serve only a few dishes, don’t answer your phone, don’t be licensed, don’t get into the healthy vibes and yet be packed!! Seriously it was the busiest place we have seen in Abudhabi in three years even at this weird time. The decor is quite NY, cool and bit quirky. There were plenty of staff, all very nice. The place is completely remotely located in Mina port, it’s a kinda cool vibe to find all of a sudden such a different set up and be able to drive and park without having to be in a hotel, feels more real! The menu as I said it’s very limited, avoid the trip if you are vegan as the only option is the house salad which we ordered and was quite nice. I don’t eat meat so only prawns available but omg they were really nice! My husband had the chicken as a main, came with delish baked potato. Waiter told him the burger was an appetizer but trust me it was not, it was a proper burger just no fries. No room for dessert but we did have coffees that were also high quality you could choose from Ethiopian, Colombian or brazilian beans. All in all a very nice set up, personally would love more variety for my taste more into healthy and green options but get the vibes and intention of the place. The owner was very attentive and treated us to another Iced coffee to take away after lovely conversation. We will be back for sure!

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