Holiday Inn, Airport Rd.

SushiSan Holiday Inn (Not express, that might trigger someone)

I won't hide it, I'm a fan of SushiSan, i still believe this place has exceptional value for money, and an ever more exceptional value when combined with BB discount, it’s hard to beat that. Food quality is great, my challenge there is remembering the names of the rolls on the menu or what we ordered, even though i been there plenty of times. But whatever you order, you will like it. We went a bit adventurous today with a Wagyu beef order, 1st time i try it there, and i have one comment, if your friends were crazy enough to ask the waiter to have it well done, point and laugh and insist it should be rare, it was seriously amazing (sorry guys, if your fish is gonna be raw, so might as well have your Wagyu the same way 😁) the Wagyu beef is just amazing, and goes down well with the Sushi.

It's really hard to be on a diet when you have a place like SushiSan next to your office, and even harder when the food is amazing.

I would highly recommend SushiSan for those who haven't been there, and would like to thank them for the consistency and the efforts they put in their great service.

I will keep you with some pics taken by Nath, I'm a turd when it comes to taking pictures.

#reviews #sushisan #reviewoftheweek

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