Natalie Christodoulides

SushiSan, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi For our last team meet up before the Christmas holidays, the BB team ventured to this old time favourite.The ultimate dynamite shrimp and the new wasabi prawns got us off to a good start with big portions, crunchy batter and nicely coated with not-too-spicy sauce.As usual, we got a bit excited and ordered far too many mains - rolls, sashimi, nigiri, sushi pizza - you name it! Intrigued by Rebecca fun fact about sushi pizza originating in Toronto, I had to see what the fuss is about and now I know! Crispy chewy rice loaded with a mix of sushi toppings, edamame beans and spicy mayo sliced into bite-size triangles – yes please! 😍 I'll now be on a hunt for the best sushi pizza. From the Signature menu, we ordered the chicken Amethyst Uramaki and teriyaki beef Denzai Roll specially for Cody who puts up with seafood just for us (we love him for it!) ♥️ Both are good options for those who aren't huge fish eaters or just want to mix up the order a bit! Us seafood lovers muched away on the delish seabream nirigi and seared tuna loin which had a nice kick of chilli.If you haven't been in a while, or you haven't been yet, go check it out! It's a lovely spot for a low-key, no fuss dinner to wash down with a glass of Japanese Sake or beer. Or, if you're Rachael and I, 2 diet cokes each 😂 #featuredreview #invited

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