Al Khalidiya.

Been wanting to try this for a long time based on people's reviews and while it was great, it wasn't amazing (sorry if I'm offending anyone)! Hailing from NZ we are spoiled for sushi options. It's a popular "fast food" you find on every street corner.

Battered prawns. Nothing special. It was doughy and the sauce was just ok. I prefer Koi's version and PF Changs! The seaweed salad was really lovely - hubby particularly enjoyed this one. Duck gyoza was also nice. We got it steamed and it came with fig jam which was nice for something different.

Onto the maki. We tried three kinds. They had soft shelled crab! We were ecstatic! When we tried it we were disappointed to say the least. Not crunchy at all, not much favour and if there was a dressing I couldn't find it. Have tried far superior versions of this. Crispy salmon skin. This was great and actually very crispy. Often this can end up being soggy but this was cooked perfectly. Saving the best for last, the tempura California roll was the clear winner and saving grace to be honest. It's the reason we would come back.

Nice to finally find a sushi restaurant, but if I'm honest it's nothing to rave about. Or maybe we (actually i) ordered the wrong dishes!

Oh service. Service was lovely all around. No complaints here!

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