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Al Nasr Street.

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Hubby wanted sushi today for lunch. I must admit that I wanted sushi too! 😉 I have been seeing people giving rave reviews for Sushi San and was thinking about going there. Found out that they were closed on Saturdays! That was a bummer.

So da man (hubby) suggested Sushi Story. We went to their branch in Dalma Mall before (and they're great!) but decided to try out the one in Al Nasr Street since I drive by it daily to send my hubby to work and it's also near us. They always seem empty so decided to give them a chance. Why not? If you are not sure of this particular branch, they are located facing Hamdan street near the British embassy.

We went as a family of four. There were only a handful of people dining in. We were greeted by one of their friendly staff who seated us promptly. By the time we sat down, we were starving! Since we knew we wanted sushi, we had a very light breakfast at home and the kids of course woke up late and had no breakfast.

Just like in their Dalma Mall branch, we were given tablets as their menu. Yes, it's very high tech but the descriptions of their items are limited and not in full details 🤔😏.

Started with their Wafu salad (Japanese style salad w/Wafu dressing) as appetizer, their Hoso combination (sushi roll filled w/salmon, tuna & cucumber), spicy & crunchy salmon roll (salmon, spicy mayo, tempura flakes, spring onion), creamy seafood ramen (noodle soup in creamy chicken broth top with shimeji, bok choy, menma (?), spring onion, soft boiled marinated egg, fish cake and sprinkles of fried garlic), Ume sushi & sashimi platter (3 slices California & 7pcs Nigiri). For dessert, I had the tempura ice cream (fried vanilla ice cream w/sliced strawberries and red bean paste on the side) and oh my, it was delish! know I had to refer to their online menu for full descriptions. Lol! 😄

I must say though the staffs are incredible when it comes to meeting customers needs and requests. Our two boys are fussy when it comes to food. They like sushi but they like PLAIN sushi. There were no cucumber maki on their menu but their chefs happily made some for them. They also wanted Udon noodle soup and of course it wasn't quite on their menu but their chefs once again made some adjustments and voila, our boys got their Udon noodle soups (beef shio Udon noodle soup) !

Overall, food's delicious, service was fast, the place is clean and their prices are decent! So, next time, don't judge a book by its cover because sometimes if a restaurant is not crowded, that doesn't mean the quality is not great. You just have to go in and find out yourself! 😊

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