Street Bites

Food Truck.

Okay Al Reef guys.... (and for those who want to venture out here) lets get real....

The food truck at the entrance , next to gym ( i know, the ironic cruelty) is freaken delicious!!!!!! Name of food truck is Street bites

I tricked my husband saying i wanted to dress up, go out on a date night, switch our phones off, talk all night, and most important- no football.... we compromised and decided on a 'stay-at-home-in-your-pjs-eat-takeaways-watch-a-movie-in-bed-while-cuddling-with-our-dog-night' which is what i really wanted. Wink wink, nudge nudge. 😉 (So happy he is not on this group)

Use it, don’t use it. Your choice.... I’ll just leave this here.

Ps : we had 2 x classic cheeseburgers and 1x fries for 56dhs in total. Not too bad for a food truck.

Pps: we enjoyed it so much last night my husband wanted it for lunch again, so used the opportunity to take some pictures today. Fries, 2 classic and one smokey joe with fries.

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