Rachael Partington Admin · Yesterday at 09:57

SOPRANOS - HUGE DEALS! Pizza, garden salad, Nutella bites and soda for AED55 Pasta, garlic bread, garden salad, Nutella bites and soda for AED55 Great fast-food alert! If you haven’t tried them already, these are a couple of brilliant deals from Sopranos. You get a pizza of your choice, plus a drink and a salad and to undo all the great work of the salad, a box of the absolutely sensational Nutella bites - all for only AED55! Bargain! The pizza was great too and it was more than enough to feed two of us. We enjoyed the lasagne meal even more. The lasagne was cheesy and just the right consistency - your ideal pasta-Netflix kinda arrangement. You can choose any pasta from the menu and there are lots of good options. The Nutella bites are generously covered and really chewy and believe me, they’re eye-rollingly good. Be aware though: you ARE going to end up with a face full of chocolate and you WILL still want another box. 😉 We can’t recommend these deals highly enough. They deliver practically everywhere and the staff are so great, they'll go out of their way for you. Remember, if you're having a slightly larger group for iftar or if you're looking to feed people at work, Sopranos meter pizzas are the best in town! And also, do yourself a favour and find room for their wonderful wings. Unbeatable! To order: What’s App 050 474 9929 #featuredreview #invitedtogetinvolved

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