Sari Rasa Restaurant

Rowenna Oba


Never tried Indonesian cuisine ever and I honestly never tried any of those quaint restaurants at the back streets - - which is my bad! This little gem at the little streets of Tourist club area is as authentic Indonesian place as can be - the whole staff are Indonesian locals who explains their short but sweet menu into English for like me who is a first timer.

One thing's very obvious here tho - the serving is good for two. I had nasi goreng (which comes in chicken, beef and shrimp toppings). What seriously blew me is the salad with peanut sauce or locally called 'Gado Gado'. It is a myriad of things in there - rice cake, mongo sprouts, onion springs, string beans, hard boiled eggs, fish crackers and a few other veggies there topped with a heavenly heavy peanut sauce. Toss it all, and the crunchy veggies, the soft rice cake and tofu and mongo sprouts will all be covered with that sauce complementing the peanut butter sweetness, the savory taste of the veggies, a little explosion of different textures there and id say it is differently good for a first timer.

Soto ayam or chicken soup is a hearty (large) bowl of coconut milk, lemongrass, glass noodles, chicken bits and it is wonderful. Came in hot, great for the cold weather.

We finished off the meal with their simple dessert but definitely refreshing - es campur. A bowlful of shaved ice, milk and different chucks of fruit in. It is a nice strong lychee juice and a mouthful of different fruits. Absolutely perfect to end a hearty meal.

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