Sapori Veri

Gianmaria Vidale

I tend to be a bit oblivious of my surroundings, time zones, weather etc. especially after a heavy Prosecco and then Martini aperitivo which led to a craving for pizza so I decided to christen Entertainer 2020 and order a classic Pizza di Rocco but dang it they weren’t taking orders and I just couldn’t understand why - till I came to my senses much later on and found out it was pouring outside.

Al Bandar and surrounding area isn’t exactly packed with delivery options on Entertainer so I had to go with SAPORI VERI in Raha Mall - very skeptically since their catastrophic takeover of Bianco Rosso which used to be one of AD best pizzas.

My fears were confirmed. Pizzas were pale, oddly pale. Like they had influenza A or something. Coated in semolina flour?! Why?! Monsters! I felt like I was eating Moroccan bread with toppings. Never again. Bye Felicia 👋🏼

PS: this morning I found out, not to my surprise, that this venue has never even been mentioned on BB.

PPS: immediately after their take over of bianco rosso I did have one of the most delicious pizzas in the nahyan camp branch prepared by a new Greek/Syrian pizza guy who later vanished into thin air. Then semolina appeared and I stopped going to Bianco Rosso.

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