Dj Chatfield

Sanderson's Café, Al Seef Walk

Chistmas Menu - a choice of roast beef or whole chicken [Recommend to order a day in advance or they'll advide a 1 hour wait. Minimum 2 people at 110AED each]

Overall the meal was full of flavour and we enjoyed every bite. We went with beef - it was tender and absolutely delicious, topped with crispy tasty vine leaves. The mushroom sauce went well with it and was also tasty.

It comes with three cold sides, and oh my the carrots were 😍 we kept trying to figure out what herbs and spices were used so we could recreate them at home! (If anyone knows it please send over the recipe!) Potato salad was nice and the broccoli had a bit of a twist with edamme, parsley and lime - it was really light and yum.

Unfortunately we couldn't have the bread and butter pudding and absolute credit to the Sanderson's chef, he said he wasn't pleased with the quality of the batch so wasn't happy to serve it to us. They offered us the desert menu to chose an alternative rather than serving a subpar dessert!

Fried apple and almond pie with ice cream - I loved this and will be back for it. The apple middle was lovely and sweet like the bottom of an apple crumble. The fried pie part itself took me back to my childhood summers getting fresh donuts at the fairgrounds - was deeeeliishhh!

The coconut water and kambucha we ordered to start were refreshing and hit the spot since it was a bit warm that morning. The coffee was a nice finish which was complimentary since the wait was quite a bit longer than they first told us.

We didn't order in advance so did have to wait quite a while, I must admit we did get slightly hangry when the wait was extended but all was forgotten when the meal arrived and every bit was worth it with a good portion size.

BB discount was applied to our drinks.

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