Sanderson’s AL SEEF WALK

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Highlights: Child-friendly - outdoor play area and kids menu, Vegan/gf/ meat/seafood options, Focus on sustainability with FREE filtered water, good for groups

Sanderson’s focuses on healthy food that also tastes delicious. Their menu is full of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian choices as well as some yummy options for the carnivores and pescatarians too! This place is a hidden gem for families with its big outdoor climbing frame and trampoline, perfect for the little ones. You can’t pinpoint one cuisine to describe Sanderson’s as it draws inspiration from all over the world with a lot their new dishes featuring a Middle Eastern flair.

The B.E.L.T (AED57) which we chose to order with cheesy scrambled eggs, features the best beef bacon in the city! Sliced very thinly, it gets those nice crispy edges you crave from the real thing. The Salmon and Egg (AED57) is excellent with dollops of zingy avocado, a yolky egg baked into sourdough bread, and smoked salmon beautifully stacked on top. This dish was a favorite at the table.

The Shawarma Chicken Stack (AED57) brings together Arabic and Indian cuisine. Barbequed chicken is layered with yoghurt, cucumber and a generous amount of herbs in between crispy fried poppadum. Texture heaven! This is definitely reminiscent of a 'real' shawarma but is plated superbly.

The Good Dog (AED 57) trades in the usual meat dog and replaces it with a roasted and seeded whole carrot. It’s drizzled with chili mayo, cashew and garlic butter, veggie chips all served in a beetroot bun! We also tried the Tuna Tataki Bowl (AED72) which leans far into the healthy category with brown rice, zucchini, and edamame.

The Smokey Paprika Beef Fillet (AED75) was delicious and cooked to our requested medium rare. It was tender and juicy with the accompanying sweet potato pie causing a more than a few “mMmmMMmMm”s from the table!

Desserts here mostly have a healthy spin with the menu featuring both vegan and gluten-free options. This is best showcased in the Magic Bean and Cocoa Cake (AED 45), a sphere of yummy chocolate cake with a hidden raspberry center all surrounded by a generous pool of nutella and crunchy little cocoa nibs. Yum! The chocolate waffles are technically on the breakfast menu but we went rogue and ordered them for dessert ... a great decision as they were GOOD. Stacked high with ripe mango, date syrup, and lucuma ice cream.

Other must-know tidbits: They have some of the best plastic-free straws we have encountered yet! Made from a compostable plant-based material, they are sturdy enough to hold up to drinks without going soggy. They offer deals on pool passes at the neighbouring hotel and also host different workshops partnering with local businesses, which are worth checking out!If you haven't already checked out Sanderson's, we recommend it. Start with breakfast and work your way through the menu!


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