Saadiyat Rotana Market Brunch - a mighty brunch.


This brunch has anchored itself firmly amongst the top players in the AD brunch scene. With a focus on freshness but equally, epicurean indulgence, there’s something here for everyone. We headed first to the seafood corner which sported, amongst other things, a magnificent tuna and huge lobsters which you then took outside to be grilled to perfection. Everything had been flown in Thursday night, ready for Friday. You can’t get fresher than that! The carvery was choc full of lamb shanks, bespoke cuts of tenderloin, veal shanks and beef. The salad section was phenomenal as was the Indian. There were two massive tables groaning under the weight of cheese and bread, pastries and rolls. There was yet more fish, salmon, oysters, mussels, clams - a seafood lover’s paradise! Stand-outs for me? I could choose my ceviche base and have it made fresh in front of me which was so incredible I went back for seconds. The sushi, while having basic nigiri made fresh, had some fabulous other sushi options that we raided over and over. The bao and shumai at the Asian station were sublime - at last count, my son had 6 custard buns! What I loved: there was plenty for my kids to eat without resorting to a kids table. They loved the gelato station and the bubble waffles station - amazing, fresh, caramel slathered wondrousness. I loved the premium package area that gets you Moët and fabbo craft beers. All the alcohol carts - there were huge amounts of these outside, beside the amazing grills - were staffed by gorgeously enthusiastic fellas, helping to add to the good time ambiance. The pork room was quite separate from the main body of the restaurant and boasts some of the best hams in town. I loved the band and the background music that still allowed you to talk. And once it’s a bit cooler, the kids area will be great. I could go on, but I’m hoping you’ve got the picture. This brunch is a game changer and other brunches in the vicinity will need to up their games to even be within a bull’s roar of the same ballpark. Soft package: AED335 House package: at AED475 Premium package: AED595 Children from 6-11 years old AED 165. Under 6 free. For reservations please call 02 697 0000


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