Saadiyat Rotana Iftar

Rebecca Rouen Admin · 1 May at 12:03

Market Iftar🌙, Saadiyat Rotana 'Build Your Own Iftar" a la carte menu Packages starting at AED 175pp Ouzi menu available Normally during Ramadan, the BB team would be all around town, eating our way through all of the Iftar buffets to let you know which ones are worth a visit. (Someone has to do it!!!😅) This year is a little different. Lucky for us, one of our Ramadan favourites, the Saadiyat Rotana, is offering takeaway and delivery Iftar. I've come to realize one of my favourite things about having Iftar served at home, other than being able to wear an elastic waistband, was that I tried dishes I normally wouldn’t have picked for myself at an Iftar buffet. I’m not a picky eater, but I tend to shy away from foods I’m not familiar with. I tried Mix Mahasi for the first time, the Egyptian version of stuffed cabbage leaves. The cabbage on the outside was nice and tender, yummy! The Shrimp Kabsa was also a first for me. It’s the Saudi ‘biryani’! The shrimps were nicely cooked, the rice was so flavourful and it was topped with the loveliest roasty-toasty cashews. We dug into the classic Arabic dips and salads including hummus, a chunky bab ghanouj, tabbouleh, and green beans in olive oil (loubieh bel zeit). The hot mezze were particularly good. The pastry was perfect. Flaky and not too thick, just enough to hold the fillings inside. The spinach fatayer had a nice zing and the meat pockets were packed full! A special shout out goes to the lamb chops and the chicken in the mixed grill. The lamb chops, cooked medium-well, were gnaw-off-the-bone deliciousness and the chicken was charred and juicy, served with the most pungent garlic sauce. Pow! It had the best kick! No iftar is complete in my books without kunafa. I transferred it to a foil tray and kept it warm in the oven until we were 'dessert ready'. I think the photos speak for themselves on this one. #cheesepull The Saadiyat Rotana is offering Iftar for takeaway and delivery, 02 697 0120

#iftarathome #bbapproved

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