Saadiyat Golf Club Picnic

Amanda Clover Gjertsen

Saadiyat Golf Club Picnic.

I saw this advertised and with kids aged 5, 5 & 2 it seemed like a good option. Personally I find the ‘kid areas’ at most brunches kind of disappointing, loads of junk food and a big tv.

My food pictures aren’t great- decided a bit late to snap some pictures but when you arrive they give you a basket full of cold appetizers, small food (hummus, bread, potato salad, fruit, cheeses, crackers, meats) and then there is a buffet and grilling station we got macaroni & cheese, chicken, beef, salmon. You put in your order and they grill it up for you. Everything was very nice.

We got the house beverage package for 199/person and it seemed like a wide variety of options came with that- but I also think they were being quite generous with us. It’s advertised as kids free to 12 with one paying adult but they didn’t charge us for the extra kid however if we showed up with older kids they might have.

However the best part for us by far was the gorgeous outdoor space. Bouncy Castle & 4-5 garden games set up. The kids rammed around for three hours leaving us (mostly) in peace and playing with the other kids there. Also as a resident of AD I find it SO nice when the kids and I can walk around on beautiful grass.

The service was also spot on. They couldn’t do enough for us.

We mostly ate at the picnic tables but I may or may not have had a wee lay down on the picnic blanket too, which would come in handy with young babies/kids.

All in all I found it great value and with winter coming we’ll definitely be back. Would be a great place to meet with friends.


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