Ruchi Restaurant

Madinat Zayed.

First Onam Sadhya Onam is a festival celebrated over 10 days in Kerala, India. Apart from being the harvest festival, Onam is celebrated to welcome the legendary demon king Mahabali, who is more popularly known as Maaveli. During this season, you may notice women wearing the traditional Kerala saris with golden borders. Men wear traditional 'mundus', which have golden borders as well.

So anyway, we are always looking for an excuse to dress up and eat well. 'Thiruvonam' (final day of Onam), actually falls tomorrow. Since my hubby was on leave today, we decided to head off to Ruchi for a sumptuous meal. Served traditionally on a banana leaf, the sadhya is an elaborate preparation, eaten mostly during lunch on Onam. Served with the semi-polished brown rice of Kerala, known as 'kutthari', a normal sadhya can have about 24–28 dishes served as a single course. The service was excellent and my daughter got a mini banana leaf of her own (to mess around with). By the end of the meal, we were in a food coma because they will keep serving until you ask them to! I've added an image explaining the usual elements of a meal. The type and number of dishes may vary between restaurants. Price was 30 AED per head. If you're feeling adventurous and really hungry, give it a try!

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