Royal Flair Catering

Rachael Partington Admin · 22 May at 16:24

ROYAL FLAIR Or, as I prefer to call it, dessert heaven 😜 Our favourite favourite thing is when we find somewhere we have no expectations of and it turns out to be fabulous. Royal Flair Catering turned out to be such a place and I’m happy to tell you how excited I am by their desserts. Royal Flair has so much going for it: a cracking chef and a knowledgeable and passionate owner, who, as with lots of other business owners, has adapted her products to suit small groups and families, as opposed to bigger orders. We started with the RF signature cheesecake which was the lightest, most beautiful treat ever. It literally melted in our mouths and brought on one of those eye-roll, ‘oh myyyy’ moments! The 12cm version (AED95) fed four of us no problem and was worth absolutely every fil. Milk cake was something that I was never very sure about and ones I’ve enjoyed haven’t been at the traditional (and somewhat overrated and overpriced IMO) milk cake hotspots around town. This rose one was incredibly good. We got a bottle of gloriously hot-pink rose milk to add, but this was really just for effect: it was already so beautifully prepared, it didn’t need it. I absolutely loved the milk cake and kept diving back into the fridge with a spoon to get more! The ‘snickers’ cheesecake was next level for those with a sweet tooth. The base was crunchy, and caramel from the next layer seeps into it, making for a great chew. The filling is a glorious, gooey caramel, topped by a chocolate peanut ganache. For me, this represents compulsion 😉: I know I shouldn’t eat more, but I’m irresistibly drawn to it. I couldn’t leave it alone! Finally, we tried the pumpkin aseeda cheesecake with a bathieth base, designed to appeal to older Emirati women who love the traditional flavours. It’s a fabulous orange colour and the pumpkin tuille decorating the top, makes it look just spectacular. This is a brilliant option if you’d like to offer something different! Aside from the RF, the cheesecakes come in Pyrex dishes that you can either give back or keep. They feed between 6 and 8 people depending on the size of the slab you deal out and how much you want to secrete away in the back of the fridge disguised as leftovers 😉. (Surely it’s not just me who does that?!😜 ) Next in line for me to try (and I shall report back!) is the red velvet cheesecake and the saffron milk cake. I’m actually quite excited about these! They also do a number of different boxes that they deliver including a breakfast box which looks very tasty! What separates Royal Flair from its competitors is the quality of the ingredients and skill of preparation which results in truly excellent food. These desserts are honestly very, very good and I absolutely stand by my recommendation for them. Now, for another spoonful ... #featuredreview #invitedtostuffmyselfwithdessert

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