Rolls n Rice

Al Nahyan.


After seeing their post on BB I decided to give this place a try. I went in with the green Thai curry in mind since I love this dish. The place is easy to spot on Google maps and there’s lots of parking available.

The restaurant had a standard ambiance, nothing out of the norm. What caught my eye was they had a place for single visitors, kinda like a bar seating with spacious table space which suits people like me who enjoy working on their laptops while eating.

Their menu is very extensive and it turned out they had dishes from all over the world. My eye laid on the couscous meatballs dish, I was curious. I’m a fan of a curry but haven't had couscous for a while, so I ordered that. The place wasn't crowded, service was up to expectations.

My food arrived quickly. I was surprised it was served on traditional Moroccan dishes, which gave it a nice visual touch. The meatballs portion was big but I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch when I went there and it filled me up. It tasted great, and the poached egg on top of that gave it an extra flavor. The meatballs were the dish’s main attraction and the couscous was just a side - to be honest, I just felt the couscous was not necessary as the meatballs alone where great enough.

I wanted to have some dessert but i was totally full, perhaps next time.

I highly recommend this place.

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