Roberto's Abu Dhabi

Rosewood Hotel, Al Maryah.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Haven't had a chance to post this review yet but my mum and I went to Roberto's for [American] Mother's Day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. You could choose between a three or four course set menu, we opted for the 3 course. Skipping starters, we headed straight for the mains.

We both had the seafood pasta to start. Initially, as a cheese addict, I asked for Parmesan to go on top and our waiter told me that it was "illegal to put cheese on seafood pasta." I listened to him and I've learned my lesson 😅 The pasta needed nothing more - the flavour of tomato sauce was perfect, as was the ratio of seafood, veg and pasta.

My sea bass was cooked perfection - soft but crispy on the skin. As the sea bass has quite a mild taste, this is a great choice for those who don't like the strong taste of other fish. Accompanied with the tomato sauce and toasted bread slices, this makes for a filling dish on its own.

For dessert, I took the risk of ordering the Rum Baba even though I hadn't heard of it before - apparently I'm too young to remember the dessert when it had its heyday 🙈. I wouldn't order this again as it wasn't too my taste or preferred texture but the accompanying ice cream was refreshing and light after the two heavier main dishes. They were quick to listen to my comments and take the feedback on board. Mum had the chocolate dessert which had a strong coffee flavour but was even nicer when paired with the ice cream provided.

Rach always raves about the desserts here so I was happy when they brought out the pistachio ice cream for us to try after my feedback about the rum baba. Oh, it was marvellous. I wouldn't normally order pistachio-based dishes but this... 👌🏼 The way I described it was that it reminded me of when I have my favourite Chocos cereal with full cream milk 😂 So smooth and creamy.

We also shared a bottle of lovely white wine between us to help digest all the food.

We got a visit from the managers who were really keen to hear all about our experience. The service at Roberto's is top notch.

It's not a cheap affair but for a special occasion, this place is wonderful. We'll be back in the future. Thank you, Roberto's, for hosting the perfect Mother's Day meal!

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