Dolci & Capricci

Lima Sabri

So I finally found an excuse to visit Dolci & Capricci (have been itching to try it for a while now!) I wanted to place an order of Bomboloni for tomorrow, so I decided to go there and check out their breakfast. Yup! This is about the breakfast not the bomboloni 😉 I was there around 9:30 (they open at 9:00), and people around started arriving around 10:00. The breakfast menu is slightly limited, with three options, all of which are eggs. I had no problem as I am quite a fan of eggs. I ordered the scrambled eggs with cheese, which comes with toast and hash browns 😋 I added a side of Mushrooms. The eggs were tasty, so were the mushrooms. But the Hash browns were cooked to perfection! Crispy, and not too oily... yummy! The portion with the mushroom side was good, not huge though. Their special breakfast item had several sides; I guess that would be sizable enough for someone with a big appetite or to kind of share... The service was super friendly and the whole ambiance was just soothing and fresh... great for the weekend! I asked to take the rest of the toast as I hate to waste food, and they gladly put them in a bag for me. I noticed the small sitting area outside and I think it will be nice in good weather. It’s right off the main road, but they did a good job with trying to provide a bit of privacy outside. Placing my order for tomorrow was very smooth... Bomboloni and arancini 😬😬 Looking forward to my delivery order tomorrow 😬 Oh and I took a look at their display fridges... 🤤 You could actually smell the buttery delights they had... and they looked just like food magazines 🙈🙈😉 Will have to try some soon.

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