Raising the Steaks, The Foundry

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Alexandra De Canha

We had brunch at The Foundry, Southern Sun yesterday after reading about the fabulous 40% discount that is available to BB Members. Yes, you read it correctly *40%!*

My overall rating of this brunch would be 99%, as it was outstanding. If you want to know where the other 1% went you will have to carry on reading 😉

Betty Tlb facilitated our booking which was seamless and there was no issue in getting the BB discount, we simply had to mention it when paying the bill.

I decided to take the champagne package which was a great decision as the champagne (Laurent Perrier) was delicious and our fabulous waitress Cassian ensured that if never stopped flowing. After drinking at least 8 glasses of the bubbly deliciousness I have just described I had to ask Cassian to please stop pouring it for fear of not being able to stand up again.

The selection of food was exceptional and was beautifully presented as can be seen from the pictures. I had oysters, steak tartar, chicken wings, Peking duck, crayfish, beef carpaccio, duck confit and chocolate mousse for dessert (please don’t judge, I know how absolutely gluttonous this was) 🤭

There were plenty of other options available including prawns, sushi, salads, lamb shank, beef wellington, Mexican and the list goes on.

A special mention has to be made about the bobotie 🇿🇦 which my daughter really loved- this is a huge deal as she is 2 and is basically a breatharian 🤣

My husband enjoyed some amazing cocktails from the cocktail bar- I didn’t try any as I am in a monogamous relationship with champagne but they looked great!

Although there was no dedicated kids section the staff were all really friendly to my daughter and we never received any looks from other guests, even when she went into “full throttle” tantrum mode. Well at least I don’t think we did, I was in a haze of happiness by this point given all the scrumptious food I had sampled.

The venue itself is really pretty and well decorated and the bathrooms are immaculate. They also had a really well spaced baby changing room in the bathrooms which I’m sure all parents of little ones will agree is a game changer.

The only reason I would not give this brunch a 100% rating is because the music was a little too soft. That’s literally all I can think of!

I am now heading to the gym- for obvious reasons 😆 Have a blessed week fellow BB’ers 😘

P.S. the 40% discount is on the standard brunch package. The alcohol additions are not discounted.

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