Raising the Steaks Brunch at the Foundry

Southern Sun Hotel.

They've gone and done it. They've raised the steaks even higher! I was invited to attend the reopening of the Raising the Steaks brunch at The Foundry this weekend. My wife and I are huge fans already having gone a couple times last year. Somehow, they managed to make it even better.

First and foremost, the staff. I can not speak highly enough of the staff. I had at least 4 members as me how my summer was and how my kids were(they didn't attend the brunch with us this time). They made us feel so welcome and even the guy who grills the steaks remembered me. Hands down some of the best customer service in Abu Dhabi. Cannot praise them enough.

The steaks - that's the reason I go. I love their steaks. They had 6 different options that could be grilled in front of you while you wait. They've even got some set out ahead of time so you don't have to wait now. I chose to wait each time because the chef grilling them is a master. Every time I had one, it was cooked to perfection.

The Foie Gras station is still as extensive as ever and still tastes excellent.

They've added a make your own Burrata station which was a nice addition.

The Poke Bar was excellent as well! That was my started and I polished it off. Only good if you like sashimi, but since I do, it was fantastic!

They improved their desserts a bit by adding an ice cream bar with toppings. Definitely bringing my kids to try that one weekend. They also still have the best Creme Brûlée in Abu Dhabi. Biggest portion I think I've ever seen, but don't worry, once you start, you won't stop till it's gone.

They also added a Bailey's station. They have a shooter, a drink, and a Bailey's lollie at the end of the night. The drink was Bailey's and scotch. I would never mix these two, and frankly, that's my loss. I was amazed by how good it was! Another shout out to the staff though, the guy running the Bailey's station was very interactive and added a bit of atmosphere.

All told, this went from our favorite brunch last year to a strong contender early on for our favorite brunch this year as well. Very excited to have it back and looking forward to taking the kids next time!

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