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Punjab grill Venetian village - a vegan review

I just had to write a review due to the outstanding experience I had last night.

Wondering where to take my husband out for dinner is a little challenge as he is meat obsessed and I’m vegan. After ringing a few places and only having a green salad as a vegan option I was getting disheartened. Then i remembered a friend raving about the Punjab grill... off I go to phone.

The reservation was faultless. Accommodating to all my questions and informing me that there is an ENTIRE vegan menu and asking if it was a special occasion (yes I considered lying for the free cake but it wasn’t and I’m trying to cut back on treats). I was informed that normal service would start at 8 so booked for 8 promptly.

When we arrived we were Greeted at the door by a lovely welcoming lady who showed us to our reserved table by the window. The table was presented wonderfully and had dates and nuts already there. We were given hot flannels for our hands and offered menus. The gentleman that took my phone call

Remembered I was vegan and go me the separate menu. They had an iftar menu (two options but we went al a carte). There was TWO pages of vegan options! TWO! I was in heaven.

The server (Saurabh) explained all the dishes we were unsure of and whilst speaking to my husband about his love of Indian food said he would inform the chef to make a chicken madras despite it not being on the menu. He also explained the spice level of 1-5 to accommodate all tastes and after explaining what we like he figured a 3.5 would be perfect for us. Both gentleman that attended our table were friendly and informative.

Before my stater arrived we were brought a selection of Indian breads - both vegan and non vegan sauces were explained fully. The different flavors were insane. An onion barji was also complementary - this was served like chat with sauce and different spices. Sooo good! Hot flannels were Offered again.

My lentil soup arrived - this was awesome

As was served in a tea pot with fresh coriander and ginger. The lemon was juicy and no pips. It was light but full of flavour- a great starter. They brought us out complementary pakoras (vegan) which was a lovely touch as I wasn’t eating a starter on my own. These were light and had a sweet sauce to accompany them.

Then our mains arrived:

We had a tawa subziyan (vegan) which was tangy with a lovely heat and bursting with flavour- 9 different vegetables with different textures. I will definitely get this again!

The chicken madras my husband said was spectacular.

Rice - very large portion

Roti- large sizing as well

This is somewhere I would definitely take my family and friends to impress them. 5 star service and 5star food - if you’re looking for your next Indian meal go here for sure!

The devil is in the detail and little things like having proper soup spoon, high quality table cloths and napkins, the waiters preemptive top ups on drinks or directing you to facilities, being happy to answer 1000 questions about vegan options are all what added up to one of my favorite meals in Abu Dhabi.

The also have a gluten free menu and are bogof on the entertainer.

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