Grand Millenium Hotel.

GIN & BEATS (30% off with BB!)

When: Saturdays, 5pm-8pm Location: Lemon & Lime, Westin Phone: 02-616 9999 Price: 250 AED ++

Gin lovers rejoice - finally somewhere that do gin drinks well! 🍹 My mum and I had a lovely afternoon watching the sunset at Gin & Beats in the Lemon & Lime lounge a couple of weeks ago.

The package offers 7 different gin-based cocktails, each of which comes with its own paired food dish. We decided to follow the list as it was laid out, though you can choose which order you get the dishes. Between us, we managed to go through the whole menu, some of which we ordered two of 🙊

All of the drinks were excellent and refreshing with unique flavours and blends. The mixologist would explain each drink and the various flavours and brand of gin used. My favourites were Early Gin, Green Tea Gin and But First Mint. I even got some ideas for Gin drinks I can make at home 😀

Every drink came with a dish to complement its flavours. For example, But First Mint came with a tasty falafel wrap. The dishes were the perfect size considering there were 7 options on the menu. The desserts in particular were delicious! The food took a little longer to come than the drinks so I would advise choosing your next drink/dish as soon as you receive your drink.

Definitely one to give a go if you like gin! There was also a Dj there as well who was playing some great tunes to match the mood. Saturday plans, sorted ✅

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