Pizza Express

The HUB WTC Mall.

Service: 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 Ambiance: 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 Food: 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 Price: 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

Had the express lunch at pizza express yesterday and was blown away and the quality and price!

You have three price options, with the lowest package being only 40 dirhams, and the most expensive being 69. The packages start at main+drink, main+ side+ drink, then main+ side+ dessert+drink (drinks are soft drinks and water)

Being greedy foodies we all opted for the full package deal and decided to share all the sides mains and desserts to try the best of all worlds.

Initially I was a little disappointed when I saw the options for sides- all salads and I was craving some good ol buttery carbs (I.e. their dough balls 😍). However once I received the orders I was definitely not disappointed, and I was actually grateful it forced me to be healthier and I didn't feel too full after :) For starters we ordered the broccolini, rocket and Parmesan salad, and the Caesar salad. All were fresh and delicious but all three of us agreed the brocollini was the shining star- cooked to perfection and the flavour combination of fresh grated Parmesan and squeezed lemon juice was divine. The other available option which we didn't try was the mixed Garden salad.

For mains there was quite a large selection, some heartier salads, a few pizza options, including their leggera pizzas for the health conscious, and some pasta options. Between we got the giardiniera pizza, apollo pizza, and pesto linguine. All were delish, the pesto wasn't what we were expecting as it was lighter than I'm used to, and with more veggies such as zucchini. Again this was a pleasant surprise, as I had gone prepared to have to unbuckle my pants after and have pizza guilt, but the food was actually so fresh and light yet satisfying, I felt like we all had a delish balanced healthy lunch :)

Desserts were the downfall for me, only because it didn't quite match the deliciousness of the sides and mains. However could also be because I'm very picky with desserts- I hate cake and tiramisu, and the only other option was cheesecake. I liked the cheesecake, and apparently the cake was very dense and tasty, but the tiramisu was a bit of a let down apparently. Both the cake and cheesecake were served with Ice cream which is always a huge plus in my books

All in all an amazing lunch and a steal of a price! Plus the restaurant is licensed which is always a plus as I enjoy some grape with my pizza ;)and I find their prices of beverages to be very reasonable, with a selection of enough drinks to please all attendees of lunch

Service there has always been amazing, they are friendly and attentive and always remember my name and make pleasant conversation :) ambiance is nice too, and the live band doesn't play during their express lunch (12-4pm) which I prefer as you can hear each other speak.

All in all definitely a great lunch out that I'd recommend!

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