Pizza Express

The Hub at WTC Mall and Reem Island.

I'm so glad we live nextdoor to Pizza Express! I used to order for delivery (esp during ramadan) but me and my little boy decided to dine in one night for a quick bite. The place was so cozy and the staff were so friendly. I love dining places that are child friendly! As soon as we sat, they handed my son a hat and stuff to keep him busy while waiting for his fave cheese pizza (no herbs, just base and cheese!). We deliberately sat on the table next to the kitchen counter so we could see how they make their pizza. They even gave my son a chair to stand on so he can comfortably watch what the chef was doing. Love their pizza, especially the thin-crusted ones which is similar to a famous brand back home. We've ordered different flavors in the past and we loved them all. Their superfood salad was also very good (no photo). I'm sure there are other good ones out there, but for now this is our number one on the list if we ever crave for pizza.

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