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Al Zahiyah.

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Yesterday we felt like having pizza for iftar (haha you get all sorts of funny cravings while fasting and this time its was pizza!!) We were already out doing some errands and decided to try the much reviewed and liked Pizza Di Rocco! They have an iftar deal for AED 60 which includes one pizza + salad + drink + lentil soup! Not bad at all but since we just wanted to stuff ourselves with pizza and pizza only (haha) we ordered two pizzas: Polo Piccante and the new meatball one! Service was awesome - friendly, helpful, accomodating!! It was a small sitting area but even with one toddler and one infant we had a great time due to the staff!! Kudos to them for making everyone feel relaxed and answering all questions with diligence.. At Iftar time we were given a plate of dates and a complimentary tray of breads with three sauces/condiments - pesto, parmesan, olive oil. The breads were fresh and lovely. Then came the pizzas. We love spicy pizza and for the first time an outlet's spicy pizza (Polo Picante) was spicy! We LOVED it! The right amount of spice and great mix of flavors with jalapenos and onions! The meatball pizza has a very homey feel to it.. we liked it .. the meatballs were very nice but we felt the pizza over all could have more zing!! All in all we were satisfied by our iftar out and pizza craving. The best bite discount was a cherry on the top! :D Sorry no pictures - one can't wait at iftar!

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