Pizza Di Rocco

Pizza Di Rocco

The American Series

1. Beyond Baja

So a friend of mine recently announced that he’s ‘gone vegan’, which prompted me to start thinking whether I could do it and what I’d eat. Aside from the obvious doable stuff, I couldn’t get past the fact that the vegan pizzas I’ve had were as dry as toast and just so completely unappetizing. This Beyond Baja is a game changer: the chunks of beyond meat were beyond delicious and the whole thing was beyond glorious. I mean, it’s now like my second best pizza everrrrrrrr! 👩🏼

2. Buffalo Fried Chicken

What a pizza this is! The hunks of spicy buffalo chicken coupled with the excellent dough and generous wodges of mozzarella make this the pizza you want to eat as a sneaky snack!

3. Last but not least ... The Chipotle Cheesesteak. This pizza has flavour on flavour. Beef strips with onions and peppers and a flying mix of chipotle mayo and cheese sauce. It packs a wee punch and will probably be the most delicious thing you eat all day!

The American Series brings Pizza Di Rocco to a whole new level. They never stop mixing it up and whether you like your pizza purely Italian or with a touch of American attitude, there’s something for you.

Call (02) 885 3222 to get yours!

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