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Pizza Di Rocco Pizza Di Rocco: oh how we love you, let us count the ways! Great dough, the Fattoria, Pizza Lulu, the Fattoria, salads, tiramisu ... the list goes on. But our love doesn't stop there, because now there are some luscious pastas, snazzy new pizzas and tasty salads to add to the mix! It was hard to choose which pasta we liked best. We loved the creamy pesto gnocchi but the gnocchi with truffle was absolutely eat-it-from-the-dish divine. Everyone will love the spaghetti bolognese which is the perfect answer to a no-cooking evening and the penne with mushroom alfredo sauce is pure, gorgeous comfort food. If you fancy healthy, the tuna based Mediterranean salad, packed full of Italianesque yumminess is your go-to. The Sparta salad, equally as good, sports sun-dried tomatoes, avocado and feta with a delightfully light pesto dressing - I feel healthier just thinking about it! For you lovers of everything ocean, the Pizza Tonno returns in a full-time capacity to the menu after its stint as Pizza of the Month. Superb fresh tuna, juicy olives and masses of mozzarella makes this a great option. We also enjoyed the gamberi (prawn) pizza - so garlicky and good! Finish with a Pizza Lulu for the ultimate decadence or a tiramisu, and you're replete. #featuredreview #invited


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